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Sunday, November 14

15 Artists celebrate 15 Years

1984 - 1999
Newman Gallery & Custom Frames
is thrilled to be celebrating fifteen years providing conservation quality framing and design, as well as promoting the finest in local and international artists.  This anniversary would not be possible with you, the customer.  To thank you, we request the pleasure of your company at a 15th anniversary reception, at which we will be exhibiting a retrospective of fifteen artists who have shown here over the last fifteen years.  This reception will be held on Sunday, November 14, from 2 - 5 p.m.

Also, as a special thank you to our customers, we would like to offer a special discount on custom framing for the week of November 16 - November 20, 1999.  All custom framing orders brought in during that period will receive a 15% discount.

November 16 - 20, 1999
15% discount
on all custom framing orders

15 Artists Celebrate 15 Years
We are pleased to present the work of artists who have been with us over the last fifteen years.  Participating in their careers has been a very rewarding experience.  We hope that your enjoyment of these artists' works has enhanced your experiences with Newman Gallery & Custom Frames.
Don Black Janet Jensen Stephanie Sove Ney Terry Svat
Laura Chassy Joanna Klain Susan Due Pearcy Victoria Vogl
Julian Cox Rossi Kramen Ilia Petkov Tom Woolfolk
Karen Currie Barry Moyer Genevieve Roberts Anna Meyer Zachurski
    Deborah Schindler Ann Zahn

(Okay, so there's really 18...)

Did you know...

One of the most popular items to be framed is the antique?  Family photos might immediately come to mind as the perfect items to be enhanced and protected by a well chosen frame, but think also of the antique opal ring your grandmother left, or a great-grandfather's watch.  A beaded purse with a particularly delicate style that was handed down but never gets to see the town might be combined with a photo of the relative who took it with her on her evenings out.  The objects you treasure but do not take out because of their rare or delicate condition can be enjoyed while they are preserved with conservation quality materials that will prolong their life.

As with a piece of art, an heirloom needs to be attached with non-permanent, reversible materials in an acid-free backing where the glass can provide a barrier from UV light and ordinary accumulation of debris.  Your custom picture framer can suggest the materials needed to preserve your piece or refer you to a conservator for items that have already experienced some wear.