Steven Hazard

Detail of Kangaroo Court

Steven Hazard blends realism and imagination in this series of etchings. His use of light, line and shadow give a mysterious cast to these heavily symbolic images.

In one series he uses animals to represent the many flavors of human wickedness. The animal symbols are engaging and instantly recognizable, putting a humorous face on serious messages. We see them cope with corruption, greed, conspicuous consumption, and relentless technological advancement. As their guides, they can only trust in the modern gods of science, medicine, and the media.

Other pieces, like "The Overpass" and "The Riverboat," create richly textured spaces that draw the viewer in to their complex universe. It is a universe full of surprises.

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Forces Unknown Tongues in Babylon Upstate Bypass Morpho Moose Kangaroo Court Banker's Holiday The Aquarium The Overpass Riverboat at Twilight The Riverboat Industry on Parade The Horsemen Cat at a Carnival The Three Fates Reminiscence The Zigguraut Snares and Delusions Fate vs Liberty Hippocratic Highjinx II Stations of the Cross Unknowing Tongues in Babylon Smile of the Kabuki Dancer Prints Prince Plato's Cave
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