Rossi Kramen

Detail of Hotel de Vill in Paris

Rossitza Kramen graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, with a specialization in ceramics. She has participated in art exhibitions in Rennes, Bordeaux and Paris. She has also had five one-person shows in Bulgaria. Her exhibition of 1993 in Sofia was attended by the President of Bulgaria and received high acclaim in the press, television and among the critics.

Many of these paintings were inspired by her tour of France. Viewers can see people strolling in Paris and dining in the glow of cafes in the evening. The almost animated curves of the brush strokes resemble the line style of classic French illustrations. These colorful works convey the excitement of visiting places special to the artist.

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Tango Hotel de Vill in Paris Near to the Metro in Paris Circle from Two Hotel in Paris Sunset Near the Ocean
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